The Truth About Sunglasses

Sep 29, 2023
Weather you're wearing sunglasses as a fashion piece or for the functionality of blocking UV rays and protecting your eyes... You might want to rethink the overuse of your sunnies.

Weather you're wearing sunglasses as a fashion piece or for the functionality of blocking UV rays and protecting your eyes... You might want to rethink the overuse of your sunnies.

Most people still have no idea that lack of proper sunlight can cause a plethora of health issues and the billion dollar sunscreen industry is actually full of carcinogens and CAUSES cancer.

You need natural sunlight to help regulate your hormones. The sun provides an unreplicable spectrum of light that enhances and maintains numerous processes in your brain.

Sunlight that reaches your eyes stimulates the hypothalamus in your brain, which is connected to the pineal gland. The pineal gland is largely responsible for regulating your sleep/wake cycles via the secretion of melatonin (the good sleep hormone).

Not getting enough sun light can greatly impair our wonderful pineal gland as morning light begins the circadian beat, which controls melatonin discharge in the pineal organ. Our eyes need indirect sunlight exposure to function properly.

The pineal gland, on dissection, reveals the presence of a photoreceptor, like the ones our two seeing eyes are equipped with... hence the alias, “the third eye”. The pineal gland’s photoreceptor is actually activated by light reflected from the retina.

Adequate day exposure to sunlight allows the pineal gland to produce melatonin at night and helps keep our circadian rhythms in line. In other words, a healthy dose of sunlight can actually improve your sleep! Sunglasses unfortunately inhibit this process.

The vitamin D hormone is extremely important to good health. It is a hormone that is synthesized directly from the sun’s rays on your skin and peripherally shining on the corneas of your eyes.

Specific wavelengths of light from the sun, filter into our eyes carrying vital messages to the pineal gland and endocrine system. If you didn't just have an "ah ha" moment... Think about this... Your sunglasses block the pineal gland and your sunscreen damages the endocrine system. It's a double whammy of sorts, all sold to you by the very industries that create the fear, then sell the cure.

In order to maintain your health, you should try and get in the early morning sun as often as you can. We are by no mean encouraging you to take on the heat of the day without protecting your eyes or your skin... We are in fact encouraging you to get morning sun via gardening, taking a walk, laying out by the pool, yoga, etc. Overtime, this will gradually "train" your skin and eyes to naturally protect your body while also feeding your body exactly what it needs.

As an instant gratification culture, we all want a easy fix, amiright? Taking supplements to give your body what it needs instead of going to the natural source is just not an easy fix and most definitely not always absorbed correctly.

Every single human body is different and so differing amounts of supplements would be prescribed for each individual. For this reason alone, getting your vitamin D from the sun is correct for everyone as YOUR body will synthesize and metabolize it perfectly for YOU.

If you are going to wear sunglasses, we suggest making sure your shades have built in UV protection. Otherwise, you could be doing more damage than good. Instead of looking at them as an accessory, think of them as an optical device that has a significant impact on your vision, the health of your eyes and your overall health.

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