No. 1 Issue While Detoxing: Dehydration

Sep 05, 2023

Tips for Detoxing

Dehydration is the #1 cause of what we refer to as healing reactions or “detox symptoms” as some call them.

Many people ask about detoxing symptoms that seem to start after starting detoxing, some may be coincidental and some may be due to the body making changes. Regardless of why you may be experiencing some symptoms such as headache, muscle ache/cramp, dizzy, fatigue etc.

Your body NEEDS EXTRA WATER. The zeolite essentially comes in “dry and leaves wet”, it enters in to the body with no toxins and leaves with toxins and heavy metals. It is absolutely imperative that you drink a minimum of half your body weight in ounces (using pound measurement, for every 100 pounds that would need minimal 50 ounces of water). In order for the zeolite to push out the toxic matter it needs flushing fluids such as water to get it out.

Please drink your water and if you experience any new changes start upping your water intake right away to help flush out whatever your body is pulling out. Everyone’s detox journey is unique but water is a common denominator for us all, things are happening in your body, your body is trying to heal, this takes time and energy. During this time try to help support your body with extra water, fresh fruits and veggies, daily sunshine, and plenty of movement.

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