How and when can you use zeolite on your skin?

Aug 29, 2023

Is zeolite the best-kept skin and health secret?

What is Zeolite?
Zeolite is a special type of rock that traps water and other materials inside it. Zeolite has a three-dimensional structure made up of alkaline earth metals and with water molecules trapped in their gaps.

Zeolite has an excellent detoxification property. Zeolite both occurs naturally and is also now being commercially made.

How and when can you use zeolite on your skin?
Zeolite being a volcanic substance has some amazing skin benefits. Zeolite has tremendous beneficial abilities to absorb, hold release and exchange other chemicals, toxins, and nutrients according to your body’s requirement.

Better absorbency:
It sneaks into your skin and works towards removing toxins and pollutants (including heavy metals).

Heath benefits of zeolite:
Zeolite has a unique honeycomb microporous cellular structure. By using this structural property zeolite basically replaces bad chemical, toxins or stuff with good chemicals. As it can attract and absorb the negative materials and can detox them into positive materials.

Such dietary supplements work towards improving your immune system along with removing toxins. Moreover, it even possesses anti-carcinogenic properties for better health effects.

Heat stability:
Zeolite is pretty high heat stable i.e. high temperatures do not bother them. They have a high melting point as well, and they don’t burn as well. They are believed to not cause you any health problems.

Purifying water:
Zeolites are also used in water purifiers and to remove radioactive particles from nuclear waste, they are also used for cleaning soils that are contaminated with toxic heavy metals. In the same manner, these zeolites can also remove toxins and chemicals from the body.

Enhanced gut health:
The antioxidants properties of zeolites are of great interest in sports nutrition.

Recent studies claim zeolite to be an anti-inflammatory substance and have a positive effect on the intestinal wall integrity. Even though, zeolite is believed to have no adverse side-effects.