Emotional Detoxing Health and Healing Process.

Aug 30, 2023

Emotional Detoxing Health and Healing Process. Why and How Come?

One form of healing that doesn’t get much attention or explanation is that of emotional. This can be found in forms or frustration, anxiety, anger, sadness, overwhelm, fatigue/low energy, “melt-downs” or “tantrum”, and can even happen while you sleep in the form of intense or vivid dreams, sometimes you may wake up from the dream in a state of emotion of the above.

Some people may experience the above mentioned from their Detox with PBX? Why? Because Pure Body Extra is sized down to the NANO size range it can literally enter all parts of the body and ALL the cells in our tissue. There are certain organs that are known in herbal Eastern Medicine to hold on to such emotions when they are suppressed over time. Such as the LIVER, the liver will hold on to Anger, frustration, chronic stress, all negatively affect it. In addition the liver is responsible for capturing and storing all the toxic substances we are exposed to, without proper rest from its job or proper assistance it will eventually become overloaded and will start to trickle it down into the gall-bladder. This can lead to gallbaldder stones or pain. In men this can result in prostate or testosterone issues, in women if will usually manifest in to fibroids, cysts, hormone imbalances and even endometriosis as its final stages of toxicity.

Here is the SPECIAL part of emotional detoxing- once the initial feelings pass, you will not only feel more positive and free, but it will open up that organ to be able to work at a higher level! Doing it’s job even better then before!

Remember this is a healing process, don’t give up after one month, we must keep bettering our choices and continue to assist our body in the process.