Do I need to change my diet when I take PBX?

Sep 21, 2023

Do I need to change my diet when I take PBX?
The short answer is, no.

While some supplements, for example probiotics, require some semblance of healthy nutrition in the gut to work properly, PBX is different.

PBX is a cellular level detox that processes and eliminates toxins primarily through the kidneys.

Now, we are not advocating for a junk food diet, but it is important to note that PBX will work even for those individuals who have no interest in changing their diet or lifestyle.

Do you want to improve your lifestyle through diet and nutrition? PBX will work for you! (And you will most likely feel better faster.)

But if that is not your path and all you can do right now is supplement with PBX to begin removing toxins, please know you will find success.

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